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Scale Section
Scale Workshop

Welcome to the Scale Section of the DRBC.

This section has many different types of scale models ranging from passenger liners, modern salvage and harbour tugs, numerous naval vessels including a submarine and aircraft carrier, a bulk tanker, fishing trawlers even a solar powdered vessel!
The Waddy Sailboat are also popular at the club
The modelers are active every Wednesday & Sunday morning from 08h30 and are always keen to show off their models as they put them through theirs paces on the water.

This beautiful tug was on display at the club,
Built from scratch by well known model builder & club member Trevor Cole.

Mike de Lange's Steam Boat Project seen at the Club Recently

Mike de Lange's "steam driven" boat nearing completion.
This is going to be amazing to see the boat  launched and the steam engine working

John MacDonald from the South Coasts  'sand carrier' Vessel

Just check out the amazing detail

Seen above Mervyn Pollitts model of HMS Ark Royal completed in 1988 and still going strong.
This pic was taken at Blue Lagoon last Sunday 28 April 2013

A photo taken by Rob May of 2 of Roy Lorentz models, the 'WOLRAADT WOLTEMADE' and the 'JR MORE' which were
on display at the Opening Ceremony of the Photo Exhibition on the history of Durban harbour from 1840 to the present.
This highly informative exhibition is at the Britannia Room at the Maritime Museum.
The coaster in the glass case was named the 'DURBAN'

The Waddy Sailboat

Frank Wadsworth has designed and built, based on a free scale sailing boat, the first of the Waddy Class Sailboats .