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Scale Section
Scale Workshop

Welcome to the Scale Section of the DRBC.

This section has many different types of scale models ranging from passenger liners, modern salvage and harbour tugs, numerous naval vessels including a submarine and aircraft carrier, a bulk tanker, fishing trawlers even a solar powdered vessel!
The all new Waddy Sailboat Project has been born see it further down the page.
The modelers are active every Sunday morning from 08h30 and are always keen to show off their models as they put them through theirs paces on the water.
A wooden harbour is erected each Sunday for mooring and maneuvering practice and towing competitions are held occasionally.

A new addition to the scale fleet. JR Moore in 1/72nd scale.
Commissioned by Roy Lorentz and built by Trevor Cole.

News from Eddie Whiting who recently became a member of the DRBC

Good Day Team
The above photograph is of the Grimmershorn model in construction, my first attempt at building an RC model boat. I was encouraged to do so following a visit to “The Pond” a few months ago, with my good friends Colin Downie and Peter Heathcote.
I have built a number of static wooden historic sailing ship models over the past few years. The building of this RC boat is very different, but extremely enjoyable. Needless to say I have made a number of errors, but it has been a great learning curve. One of my wishes during this time is not living in Durban and having the opportunity to speak to the experts at the club. I am hopeful that I will complete the build and ready for launch, by end October.
Thank you for the newsletters and the informative web site.
Kind regards
Eddie Whiting
DRBC member Jim Shearing has posted an underwater video of his submarine on You Tube at this link

 Below is some more information from Jim about his submarine as well as how and where he filmed this unusual video

The model kit is from Engel-Modellbau in Germany.
The submarine is a Type 212 submarine, which are operated by Germany and Italy.
The model uses the Engel ballast system, which is a centrally mounted "piston tank" like a large syringe.
My model is of the Italian sub "Scire" ( S-527 ) which was launched in 2004.
We filmed it in a lake near Underberg.
 We filmed using a Go-Pro Hero camera which was duct-taped to a pole.
German Trawler “Antje”
Photo by Craig Young
Seen above Mervyn Pollitts model of HMS Ark Royal completed in 1988 and still going strong.
This pic was taken at Blue Lagoon last Sunday 28 April 2013
Thank you to Mike Deyzel for the next 10 new photos that he took last weekend Sunday 24th February
If anyone would like to give me details of the boat and owner I will add that detail to each photo
A photo taken by Rob May of 2 of Roy Lorentz models, the 'WOLRAADT WOLTEMADE' and the 'JR MORE' which were
on display at the Opening Ceremony of the Photo Exhibition on the history of Durban harbour from 1840 to the present.
This highly informative exhibition is at the Britannia Room at the Maritime Museum.
The coaster in the glass case was named the 'DURBAN'
All photos by Marius Moolman unless otherwise stated.
American tug "Bob" / Trevor Cole

Smit Rotterdam / Roy Lorenz with American tug "Bob" / Trevor Cole
Crane / Marius Moolman

Smit Rotterdam / Roy Lorenz with Crane / Marius Moolman

Yorkshireman / Frank Parkington

Crane / Marius Moolman
Harbour Tug "JR MORE"
 Roy Lorentz
Harbour Tugs “Wyeforce”& “Sanson”
Paulo Franco & Trevor Cole
Salvage Tug “Smit Rotterdam”
 Roy Lorentz
German Trawler “Antje”
Alex Watson
“H M S Bulwark “
Mervyn Pollitt

"Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer"
Mike Deysel
Marius Moolman
Sea Trials for Bucket Dredger
Marius Moolman
German Coaster “Debra P”
Frank Parkington
German Coaster “Debra P”
Frank Parkington

The Waddy Sailboat Project
Frank Wadsworth has designed and built, based on a free scale sailing boat, the first of the Waddy Class Sailboats
Trevor Cole then went on to produced a number of these sailboats for other club members
There is now almost sufficient numbers to engage in some competitive sailing  between the owners.
A further three are currently under construction.

Waddy class FW1 / Frank Wadsworth
Waddy Class Yacht / Roy Lorenz