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Scale Workshop
The "Extended RG65" project in Graham Lock Workshop.
Comments by Frank Wadsworth
It is so encouraging to see a member of our elite society, enthusiastically pressing on with new projects. Inspiration for us all, I'm sure.
 This is just the first picture of what promises to be a really worthwhile labour of love. I believe that the work is progressing totally on schedule.
We'll patiently wait for the official sea trials.

In the workshop we will feature craft that are currently under construction by members of the DRBC.

Good Day Team

The Sage's say that the inexperienced should be cautious of deep water. In March I opened the large box containing the kit of the IMARA Tug, with great expectation I started examining the kit, a large hull, two large moulded bits and an array of packets, all unmarked, containing some 1800 parts.
Within a week I realised that I had ventured into deep water. I will not go into too much detail other than to advise that, following the instructions and after two weeks work on the hull and deck reinforcements, I realised that I was in trouble. What is now common knowledge, the instructions are nigh on useless and the plans are drawn in something like 5/8 scale.

Without the help from the Model Boat magazine forum, particularly Mr. Colin Bishop I would have been lost. He advised that the instructions should be thrown in the bin. He then forwarded a 16 page document, with precise instructions and photographs of the build and review which he had completed.

So after much entreaty to the Boss Man upstairs, I removing all the kit bits and following the new instructions the deck reinforcing, deck and deck overlay was completed and construction of the upper bits commenced.

 Construction has been slow but very enjoyable, the attached photograph showing progress as of end September, when things were brought to a rather unexpected halt, with my being hospitalised with a stroke.

With rehab and therapy I am making good progress, but my plans to launch the IMARA at the pond during a visit to Durban during early January next year will be delayed !!!

Kind regards to all
Eddie Whiting

New Project for DRBC member Alice Drew.
Alice comments:-
Here is a picture of my new boat I am building called "The Black Pearl", it is a replica of the pirate ship from Pirates of the Caribbean.
As I get further along in the project I will send you some more pictures. I have not decided if it will be wind powered or battery yet.

Update Number 1 from DRBC member Mervyn Pollitt who has this project under construction in his workshop.
Mervyn comments:-
A picture of progress with the construction of the model of the Dido Class British light cruiser HMS Euryalus.
Construction has slowed as I am waiting for electronic speed controllers from the UK.
As a bit of useless information each gun turret has 37 components with about another 8 pieces of fine detail still to be fashioned and fitted.

DRBC member Mervyn Pollitt has a new project under construction in his workshop.

 Here is the start of a new model warship. It is a model of the British Light Cruiser HMS Euryalus of the World War 2 Dido class.
 Plans were supplied by Glynn Guest a writer for the magazine "Model Boats".
Mervyn has had the plans enlarged to 1:120 scale.
We will follow this project with interest
Jean Rindel has started a project building a scale model of the  HMS Alderboran.
Jean got the plans for this project off the internet.
We will follow  his progress with interest
 Rob Mays  1:40 scale model of the Ton Class Minesweeper "SAS Durban"

Tell us what you currently have on the bench in your Workshop

Waddy Class Yacht / Trevor Cole

Waddy Class Yacht / ?