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Power Section
It's Back, the Green Monster!!
A few old faces returned to an overfull and very wide pond as the recent hi tides have filled the pond to at least 30 cm over the side deck and way beyond the sides if the original pond. even the bouys are just visible!

2nd pic shows the Scale pilots deck which may not be as well anchored t the front edge. Water level in the river is down but the pond seems to be retaining most of its levels.

Andre, Mark and a couple of others have been Sat 0800hr regulars and this Saturday saw Henry and Dieter back with a few boats and Dave was down as well, hopefully next week with a boat running again!

Look foreward to a bigger group this Saturday at 0800hrs and with Hazelmere Dam out of order at the moment with water levels too low and lots of mud, we can at least get some running locally again before the Nats. and ensure our reliability is on the button.

Saturday had a nice light headwind coming off the sea but all the Tunnel 7.5 boats and the Cats running were very stable and consistant.

Reminder for subs guys R220.00 per year, not a lot for an easy to set up and run facility.
See you all Saturday Morning!! 0800hrs, remember all classes catered for!
Cheers Dave

Photos thanks to Mike Deyzel
With the advent of 'electrics' the Pond is once again the home to these very quick boats.
The bigger power petrol/gas boats operate mainly at Hazelmere Dam as they need more water space than the Pond affords