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Powerboat Section

Powerboat Section

Wecome to the powerboat section of the Durban Radio Boat Club

Powerboats consist of purpose built hulls with different classes of boat and motors

V hulls with both stock26cc motors and modified with anything upto35cc 2 stroke run well at the Pond and other venues

Catamaran classes both stock and modified walk a bit more on the water and are a sight to behold

F1, both nitro 7.5cc and modified 2 stroke are accurate replicas of full size boats

Unlimited hydro’s run ovals only and require space but are very quick

Speeds over 90km/h is possible with these boats that are 1000mm to approx. 1250mm long and up to 500 mm wide.

Come and watch them run on most Saturday mornings

The powerboats are very active at the pond as well other venues around South Africa

Under the capable leadership of Dave, the team races at club, provincial and national level

2018 South African Championships brought home:

A Silver medal for Dieter in Modified Cat
A silver for Dave and bronze for Dieter in 7.5cc Nitro F1
A bronze for Rowan in Unlimited Hydro

Subs for the DRBC in 2019 are only R240 for whole year

We look forward to welcoming you to the most adrenalin filled boat sport in South Africa

Dave and Dieter