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The below poem was penned by Commodore Norrie's wife, Vera for a
DRBC/Professional Loafers  Christmas lunch a few years back.


Why is it that people denigrate the great laser
And say it's an ironing board or it's not a trail blazer
They are quite derogatory and haven't a clue
as to what these old codgers can make this plank do.

They might be called Loafers but loaf they do not
What's better in life than a braai, and a yacht
 These old retirees laugh, joke, and shout
It gives them a new lease on life I've no doubt

Waddis Frank's interest Waddis he impart
His Waddies aren't shoddy they're all works of art
 Terry's creative jewellery making skill
 Is shown in the precision his scale boats instil.

Big Duncan plods quietly at a mean pace
Now that his pacemaker is safely in place
He goes with the flow, and just gets on with the race
Soon he'll be one all the sailors will chase.

Small Duncan - coffee and snack maker of note
Is a perfectionist when building a boat
Will this race on land - what does he promote?
`cos no-one so far has seen it afloat.

Terry Flynn the encourager and great organiser
And when you need it, will be an adviser
Or if you want help he will come to your aid
And has anyone tasted his great marmalade ?

And Mike de Lange there's not a thing he can't make
Fittings and engines are definitely not fake
 Intricate objects he manufactures with ease
You need brains and talent for such expertise.

Norrie's now 80 and mostly viewed from the rear,
He's just a natural and knows how to steer
If your boat seizes up, no need to be sorry
There's Norrie the boat doctor who says do not worry

Come to the house and I'll fix it for you
Just avoid the small dog who'll chew off your shoe
And he'll not sabotage it, he needs competition,
From passionate skippers, that's his real mission

There's Roy who used to be club commodore
And never looked at it as being a chore
Socializes on Wednesdays with a beer or some tea
 We wish him speedy recovery with his troubled knee

 If you cross a pogo stick and the Duracell bunny
And give Ian a task, you'll get a run for your money
He hops, on his ladder in order to see
Then promptly bashes the buoys enthusiastically

Then there is Pierre the Belgian Shepherd
Prowling around like the proverbial leopard
He enjoys working on boats though usually armed with a comb
Sails a bit, walks on water then buggers off home

We have creative Mervyn, can someone eclipse
The perfect accuracy of his battleships ?
Some of you I've not mentioned you needn't fear
We'll skinner about you another year.

Like Dave, Derek, Colin, Gunther and Keith
If I've missed someone out forgive me please
Also Peter and Neil and others out there
Do you have idiosyncrasies that you can share?

Good luck to the Loafers they'll always survive
Wrongly named coffin dodgers, they're kept alive
 By their interesting hobby, happy sailing and cheers
May they still be floating for a good many years.

Vera Taylor Nov 2016-11-23