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We are having another club day which will be open to the members of the public. Please could you all invite as many friends, family or interested parties as possible in order to make a success of the event.
We will start off setting up from about 8 am but coffee, tea and edibles will be on the go for club members  from 9am - the event officially starts at 9H30 with racing by Power followed by Sailing and the Model - although Model will be on display throughout.  There will be a number of sail boats available for “visitors” to try their hand at sailing including  visitors races if numbers are sufficient. The cycle will then run through again.
The New Year Club season started well with all sections fully operating. The Club has attracted some new members this year - a big welcome to you all and trust you will enjoy with us our sport and hobbies.  
The Pond water level has been consistently high due the rains, higher tides and the increased flow in the river - may it continue.
Thanks to our Vice Commodore - Rowan - for fitting a 12volt lighting system in the Club house. These lights are a big asset especially for the Loafers during their social weekly braai's
The club also purchased a two-plate gas cooker, here is Ian cooking egg burgers for the loafers. Thanks also to Bruce for filling the Jo Jo tank, now the club house is looking good and operational.
Norrie Taylor


This year has started off to a great start so far for Scale, many thanks to the continuous effort of Trevor Cole, Robert and Alice Drew, Alice welcome back to the fleet,
 Lynton and many others that help constantly on Sunday's.
Robert and Alice are working on their model tugs called Yara, this is an Australian Tug.
I have been busy on and off working on my Durban Pilot Boat called the Ballito, Pictures attached, I also have 2 fishing trawlers and a submarine to sell, Asking price each for the trawlers is R1000.00, Sub is 2000.00.
Mervyn Pollitt is busy building a British type 45 destroyer.
A friend of mine that used to be a club member, but due to work no longer can make it to the pond, is building a model of the John Cox, Pictures to follow, He is a Tug Master for Transnet.
All in all, a very busy year and line up with pond improvements for scale yet to be installed.
Rowan Sear

 British type 45 Destroyer.

The Wednesday Coffee, Braai's and alternate sailing of RG65's and RCL's (when water level allows) has been very well supported.

We have also had a bit of entertainment when Mervyn's Destroyer's hull sank and Frank slipped on the sloping platform whilst launching his Waddy and took a dip in the pond.

Mervyn trying to find the hull of his destroyer, eventually found by Sipho who was well rewarded by Mervyn.

The RG65 Fleet in Durban has now grown to 11, welcome to Dave Wiseman and Brian Jessop to the fleet, trust you will have much fun sailing these nifty boats.

Tony Holbrook ceremoniously launched his Kathleen Scratch built planked boat which took him 420 hours to build.

Ian Gielink

RCLaser News by Terry Flynn
 Chairman of theRCLaser Owners Association
 The RCLaser class continues to be one of the most active classes at the DRBC.

RCLaser First Sunday of the Month Regattas

We have always sailed on the first Sunday of each month and we continue to do so for 2019. Normal support for a Sunday regatta is between 8 to 12 yachts.
This last Sunday 3rd March we sailed our Mad March Regatta. 7 skippers arrived to sail but both RCL135 Denny M & RCL143 Bernie W never made it onto the water for one problem or another.
About 5 races were sailed in the light easterly breeze before it swung into the north east and picked up slightly requiring a course change
After 10 races RCL23 Norrie T was a clear winner and although the results show Norrie T winning 6 races most of the races were very tight and competitive
It turned out to be a most enjoyable morning of sailing with Bernie W taking the helm of a number of other sailors RCLs for a race or two
The Fabulous February Regatta on 3rd February had 9 competitors sailing and we completed 12 races by 13h00. Commodore Norrie Taylor took the honors with Joe Robbertse and Terry Flynn being second and third

RCLaser Professional Loafers Wednesday Day Sailing
This sailing on a Wednesday morning is proving to be very popular with the `Gentleman of Leisure' or Professional Loafers as they have become known.
With the introduction of the RG65, a new class to the DRBC last year, the RCLasers have been able to strike up a happy working relationship with this new class and it was agreed by the sailors that we would alternate Wednesday mornings between the two classes.
This arrangement is flexible to be beneficial to the sailors and classes. If your instance the water level is too low for RCLaser then the RG65 takes over the morning and the RCLaser take over the next Wednesday.
The sailors then join the other Loafers for an early afternoon braai where much `banter' takes place between the fellow members.

RCLaser Thursday Afternoon Summer Series
The RCLaser class was instrumental in introducing this late afternoon `summer' sailing to the DRBC many years ago.
Initially this was only held for about 5 months of the year during summer and was very popular and often attracted the biggest fleets of all sailing and classes at the DRBC.
Last year the club made a decision to open Thursday sailing to all classes not only RCLasers.
This has had the unfortunate effect of shutting down RCLaser sailing on a Thursday afternoon as the same sailors all own other class yachts as well.
A similar arrangement to that of the Wednesday sailing should be considered

The RCLaser Regional and Nationals Championships
The RCLaser KZN Regional Championships are on the calendar for Saturday and Sunday the 18th and 19th May 2019
The RCLaser National Championships are on the calendar for Saturday and Sunday the 30 November and 1 December 2019
Terry Flynn

Been a very slow start to the year for the power section, with a few pilots missing in action.  the bigger Quarry that was used for the Nationals also keeps quite a few of the pilots who prefer to run on Sunday afternoons, busy there and the better quality water without the salt factor is an advantage.
Saying that, the Nationals are coming up in Cape Town in the first week of May and should see 12-15 Durban boats competing at the dam they have in the Durbanville Hills. For I think the first time we will have a lady pilot racing, with Dieter's daughter Julia, who is currently studying in Cape town, racing one of the Stock Mono boats. She comes with a lot of car racing experience so will be sure to surprise a few at the Nats.
It's also hoped than Sue , Rowan's good lady, who has years of Off Road gas car racing experience, will also join the National rankings as her few runs at the pond have also surprised many.
Dieter has added one of the extremely quick Hybrid boats to his fleet so expect him to be doing some tight testing at the pond with that 100kph boat in the next few weeks as well.
The Power section will combine their Open day display with a few short Sprint races for the smaller 7.5 cc Nitro Formula one boats as well as racing for the Off shore Cats and the Mono or V hull classes as well as a few demo runs of some of the Electric powerboats and hopefully we will see a couple of the Hydro's take to the water as well.
See you all at the open Day!
Dave Wiseman